Scott B. Price and Company is a long standing supporter of environmentally friendly organizations and we apply these principles within our own office to ensure that our practice is as “green” as possible. We are currently implementing plans to become a green certified business and expect to obtain certification within the next two years.

Within the office, we’ve taken steps towards reducing our office’s environmental impact by implementing certain procedures and practices to minimize waste, such as using paper that is made from post-consumer recycled material and printing efficiently. Most importantly, our assurance and consulting engagements as well as all tax return preparation are now conducted in a 100% “paperless” environment.


Scott Price and our staff members are personally involved in the green movement in our time outside the office. Scott serves as a member of the board of directors and treasurer to the Rainforest Action Network, the pioneering national organization focused on curbing deforestation, fighting global warming, eliminating land use, human rights violations, and building sustainable economies.


We work with several nonprofits and businesses whose sole mission is to improve sustainability in various ways. We are also happy to support businesses who endeavor to “go green” by exploring the tax advantages of investing in clean technology and helping them plan ways to increase value while furthering this mission.


Scott B. Price and Company is fighting for the survival of the planet and improvement of the quality of life for all of us. We are very proud to do our part within our own office and to support other organizations in their efforts to preserve nature, fight for the sustainability of the environment, and arrest global warming.


Please learn more about what your business can do to obtain green certification by visiting the SF green business website: